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Best Acoustic Board India

ABI – ACOUSTIC BAORD INDIA is in to the manufacturing of a wide series of wall and ceiling acoustical products along with turnkey solutions to each and every requirement with a diverse range in styles and materials for both interior and exterior environments that features classic and elegant concepts.

Innovative product development is a major focus of our business. On an on-going basis, our inhouse specialists focus on improving the outcome of sound performance while setting our specifications within the ISO and ATSM standard requirements. We strive to create aesthetically appealing high-end series products with characteristics in the designs that meet the needs of metropolitan lifestyle.

[ about company ]

Acoustic Board India

Our experience of working with architectural designers in providing long term solutions for various environmental settings has enabled us to develop high quality and durable materials in our acoustic products to withstand the impact of long-term physical deterioration.

Exclusively available through ABI – Acoustic Board India , we use the most cutting edgetechnology to manufacture our one-of-a-kind products and integrate custom designed acoustic products for our clients. Most importantly, we provide highly value customer satisfaction. One ofthe key benefits we uphold for our clients is the feasibility of creating an acoustically adjusted environment at affordable cost. With our top of-the-line series of acoustic products, our clients can enjoy symphonic sound experiences in a variety of settings

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Our Philosophy

We call our style ‘live minimalism’. Live minimalism is not about a or visual look. It refers to inner feelings, to your true self.

Our Missions

We IMPROVE WORKPLACE ACOUSTICS to create a balanced, comfortable acoustical environment that’s not too quiet, not too loud, but just right.

Our Vision

People can speak more freely knowing their conversations won’t be overheard by people across the room or in adjacent private offices.

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From Sketch to Life

Why do I need acoustics in my space?

Unwanted sound is noise. Noise can be very irritable and sometimes hazardous. This necessitates the implementation of acoustics in any given space. Audibility increases the quality of music or lectures or any other audio environment.

How is Acoustics implemented?

Acoustics is implemented with the use of various acoustic materials and techniques. The right material has to be used based on the space and purpose for which the space is used.

Will Acoustics work in restaurants?

 Yes. That is actually an ideal place for implementing acoustics. In fact, any closed space that is vulnerable to noise needs acoustic treatment. We can have a whole list of places where acoustics works and improve the levels of audibility.

At what level does sound become unsafe?

Damage from loud noise to hearing is cumulative and irreversible. Unprotected exposure to sound pressure levels above 100dB(A) must be avoided where ever possible. When exposed to levels above 85dB(A), use hearing protection, especially if you expect prolonged exposure.

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What People Say

The employees were being distracted by conversations 60 feet away. When the system’s on, speech becomes unintelligible at a distance of about 20 feet.
Anant Pandey
Client of Company
Libraries are supposed to be quiet, but whispers could be heard 40 feet away. With the help of Cambridge Sound Management, we now have a library that seems quieter and is still beautiful. We are delighted
Client of Company
Once you have sound masking installed in your office, you wonder how you ever lived without it.
Kristina Lee
Client of Company