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Solid colour panel series

Material: polyester fiber

Surface: standard, grooved and printed

Standard size & thickness: 1220*2420*9mm

1 Noise absorption coefficient: NRC=0.80. It has high sound absorption and noise reduction characteristics.

2 Formaldehyde emission: It is a green material with asbestos-free, non-toxic and tasteless gas under extreme temperature, protecting the ozone layer, non-irritant and recyclable.

3 Good insulation properties, to prevent transmitting the heat from outdoor to indoor directly as partition or and ceiling, saving 35% of energy, extending the life of air conditioning.

4 Light weight and free cutting, a variety of colors with simple corner treatment, different shape and any pattern styles can easily reflected.

5 Soft, natural texture, will not broken under the huge impact of high elasticity

6 Simple maintenance, easy dust removal by vacuum cleaner or feather duster, spot can be cleaned by wet towel or cleaner.

Applications:It can be used at any project need acoustical solution such as recording studios, cafeterias, KTV rooms, offices also auditorium ,plants and universities.

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