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3d Panel Series

Acoustic absorbent is heat-pressed by row materials .It is close to nature and harmless to people. It can be directly used as decorative cover materials which is top decorative with different kinds of color patterns and easy to construction.





Formaldehyde Emission


Inflaming Degree



1 Good Thermal Insulation Performance

2 Inflaming Degree:B1

3 Tightness and dimensional stability

4 Very light in weight and easy to construction

5 The products is with no formaldehyde and harmless to human. Repeated experiments show that it is allergic to skin and pollution-free to the environment.

6 Can secondary use and easy to destroy, no secondary pollution to the environment

7 Chemical Resistance: purity the chemicals and toxicity in the air

Applications:It can be used at any project need acoustical solution such as recording studios, cafeterias, KTV rooms, offices also auditorium, plants and universities.

1 Interior walls and TV Backdrop

2 Meeting hall , theater , music hall , gym

3 Manufacturing shop,office,pub,hotel

4 Library, reading room ,classroom ,kindergarten, piano room

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